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Kevin Keeton, Manager Advanced Compression Technologies, Pathfire, Inc. a division of DG/Fastchannel “While I didn't work directly with Howard, he offered me directives in the area of video compression and was a champion for HD delivery well before it's time. I feel Howard has a real "visionary" approach to business and life in general.”

Michael Carey, SVP Marketing & Business Development, Pathfire, Inc “I was very impressed with Howard while working at Pathfire and would have no hesitation in recommending him for any suitable consulting engagement or to any prospective employer. Frankly, Howard was and is a breath of fresh air, bringing wisdom, common sense and deep technical and market knowledge to the tasks at hand. He was always able to find the "elegant solution" (most efficient and fitting) while others around him labored to do so with yesterday's assumptions. I'd like him to be on my team anyday. Howard, let me know if and/or when you're available!”

Gary Carter, VP & CTO, International Datacasting “I have known at the CTO of Pathfire and in other professional positions as well. He has consistently been objective and fair although a tough negotiator. Throughout all situations, he has dealt with the facts and not allowed noise to clutter his decisions. I would hire him if the situation presented itself.”

Diana Cantu, Director Business Development, US, International Datacasting Corporation “I have had the opportunity to work with Howard wearing a couple of different hats. I'm continually impressed by his technical acumen, his ability to get past the noise and focus on the truly important issues, and his encyclopedic knowledge of our industry and the people in it. I recommend him highly!”