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Dave Elliott, President, Technicolor “Howard is a consumate professional who is always current on the relevant technology subjects that senior management needs to be aware of, and act on.”

Joe O'Hanlon, Chief Engineer, Technicolor Creative Services “Howard provided much of the vision that brought the Technicolor MAM business to life. His familiarty with the emerging broadband market and the difficulties of content owners trying to monetize their digital assets, allowed MAM to create a compelling value proposition to their prospective customers.”

Scott Mohr, Product Sales Specialist- ANS WEST Datacenter, Cisco Systems “Howard is a large scale thinker w/ a broad background in his field. He brings both Technology and Business Acumen to the table which is unique in our field. A very pleasant person to work with.”

Austin Dahl, Director of Consulting/Developer Lead/Sr. Software Engineer, Singingfish “I worked with Howard on a Media Asset Management system at Technicolor. I really appreciated his ability to see through and cut through all the distractions and focus on what really mattered.”

Jonathan Reichhold, Senior Engineer, Singingfish “Howard is a very good negotiator who was responsible for aligning a very complex technology preview and vendors for a high-end content management system. This system was way ahead of it's time and brought together many ideas which are just now showing up in 3rd party products. Howard fought hard to do things correctly and not compromise on a half-baked product which was truly needed by the company.”