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Russell McGregor, Sr. Software Engineer, Walt Disney Internet Group/VOD “Howard has great insight and grasps the really big picture. I worked for Howard on broadband projects that were way ahead of their time, but he brought a clear vision to the team. As a manager of people, Howard has a rare gift for inspiring his team to look past the typical and reach for huge possibilities.”

Robert R Yamashita, Principal Consultant - Corporate Strategy/Digital Media, PriceWaterhouseCoopers “Howard was V.P. of Technology at the Walt Disney Internet Group, responsible for launching, one of the first VOD portals by the studios. I was at PwC and managed the engagement to deliver a technical architecture and feasibility study for the VOD system from the consutant's side. A visionary leader, Howard is also a master at managing people -- and his clarity, insight, and pragmatic approach helped ensure a successful project from both the client and the PwC partner viewpoint.”

Mike Meyer, Sr. Software Engineer, Broadband Services, Walt Disney Internet Group “Howard put together a stellar team at WDIG to build an infrastructure for delivering broadband products and maintain the existing portfolio. During a time when irrational exhuberence over the Internet was still common, Howard took a realist's look at the business, streamlining the operation greatly and focusing on the most viable offerings. As the Internet business climate grew tougher, he faced it with ingenuity and good humor, keeping us focused on our work. I learned a great deal about team building and managing technical projects from him, and would work for him again without hesitation.”

Mark Dolar, Vice President, Information Technology, Fox “I worked with Howard on establishing mutual business and technical strategy for a proposed joint venture while I was with Fox. He is smarter and wiser than me and performed at his job extraordinarily well.

Rick Mandler, Vice President, General Manager, Broadcasting and Local, Walt Disney Internet Group “Howard was one of the must buttoned up technical project leaders I have ever seen.”

Sam Uretsky, Vice President / GM, Broadband Services, Walt Disney Internet Group, The Walt Disney Company “Howard brought an unparalleled synthesis of technology and business acumen to Disney Internet’s Broadband Services. Often, the smartest person in the room, Howard won the respect of his peers, his staff and other senior executives within and without Disney. He is able to understand the intricacies of technology, derive simple cost-effective solutions to complex problems, meet onerous deadlines with limited budgets, and do all this with a wonderful sense of humor.”

Jian Dai, Software Engineer, Disney Interactive Studios “Howard is a great leader with vision of whole industry”

Bin Hu, Senior Manager of Technology, Walt Disney Internet Group “It was my greatest pleasure working for Howard when we were at Walt Disney Internet Group. He has overseen the technology direction as well as business perspective in the area of broadband and wireless content and portals, and managed all teams and the projects on budget, including broadband team in Burbank and Wireless team in Sunnyvale. If there is an opportunity in the future, I would be happy to work for him again.”