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Jon French, Vice President of Technology, Americast “Howard was a peer VP at a partner company and we worked together developing and deploying an advanced broadcast digital video system. Howard is a really smart technology executive with a wealth of industry experience and expertise. I highly recommend Howard and I hope to work with him again some time.”

Guy Langvardt, Ph.D., Sales Representative, Entertainment and Media, Sun Microsystems, IncHoward is simply an outstanding business leader and visionary in his field. Over the years, he has impressed me on numerous occasions with his astute understanding of critical business issues combined with a remarkable insight on technology.”

Todd Tomlitz, Engineering Manager and Evangelist, Sun Microsystems “Howard is one of the most committed and passionate people I know. He has a strong understanding of technology and the vision to see where the technology can take us. He couples his technical skills with a solid understanding of the business. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked with him.”

Juan Dewar, Sr. Director, Product Marketing & BD, Sun Microsystems, Mobile software group “Howard run a major development project at Disney Televentures. He was our customer in that capacity. He was a senior, experienced but easy to work with exec and customer. He focused on the right issues and kept the project moving forward at the right pace. He has a broad set of skills including being a good negotiator. This was a large and complex collaborative development between Sun Microsystems and Disney in a leading edge technology space around advanced TV services. I enjoyed working with Howard.”

Mike Meyer, Sr. Software Engineer, Americast “Howard was responsible for both product and infrastructure buildout at Disney Televentures, which was working on a very innovative cable TV product with 4 RBOCs. He had a firm grasp of all the moving pieces of this complex service offering, and in the 1999-2000 timeframe was already preparing for the convergence of TV, VOIP, and data over a single cable. Howard has an unmatched ability to reconcile the often-conflicting pulls of technology and commerce to fulfill the best interests of customers and shareholders alike.”

Steven McCarthy, GM, Engineering & Technology, Ameritech New Media “I had the privilege of working with working with Howard, through Ameritech’s and Disney’s joint venture Americast, while he was at Disney Televentures. Howard led the efforts to develop a visionary, sophisticated, and technically advanced broadband application for the JV. I found Howard to be not only technically proficient, but also very adept at managing the complexities of the JV. Howard is a gifted individual and I found our business relationship to be a very rewarding experience.”

Morgan Slain, VP Business Development, Disney TeleVentures“ Howard is an extraordinary technologist but also someone who is down to earth and a pleasure to work with.”

David Barron “I have known Howard for almost 10 years and worked with him on the Americast joint venture while he was at Disney. I have found that he possesses a rare combination of skills that include a deep understanding of a broad set of technologies, a true appreciation for the nuances of the media/entertainment industry and a no nonsense, bottom line approach to managing a business.”

CJ Cornell “Howard is one of the smartest and creative men I have ever met in the television industry. His expertise spans from deep technology to broad strategic and everything in-between. Despite his level of experience and seniority, Howard as a very non-nonense style and approach to getting things done.”