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Angela Frost, Marketing, Vyvx "Howard was instrumental in developing the network architecture for the then fledgling Vyvx. He is one of the few people who have the ability to identify new technology and implement it into an operational product. A rare and highly valued talent.”

Lynn Rowe, Manager of Telecommunications Planning, ABC Television “I've know Howard for many years and consider him one of the most knowledgeable TV - Telecommunications engineers I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Andrew Karlin, Video Specialist, MFS Worldcom, Inc “I have the pleasure of knowing Howard for many years now. His work in establishing Vyvx revolutionized the video industry, and served as a model for everything that came afterwards. I learned a lot from Howard, he is not just a visionary technologist, but a leader who can turn the vision into reality.”

Sean Sullivan, Vice President, Broadcast Sales & Services, Teleglobe “Howard is a true professional with a strong and deep knowledge of our Broadcast Industry requirements. Howard has always been a leader in technology developments and industry initiatives that meet present and future marketplace needs. Howard helped define and develop the new terrestrial delivery market during his time at Wiltel Vyvx. As a fellow veteran in the broadcast media delivery marketplace, I have always respected Howard and shared his passion and interest in technology. During his time at Wiltel, Howard established VYVX as the market leader by integrating existing technology with new delivery platforms. Howard understands that high quality media delivery needs to anticipate future technology developments while maintaining standards that support demanding clients' exisitng infrastructure and current requirements.”

Caren Reiser, HBO “During Howard’s tenure at WilTel/Vyvx he initiated, developed and expanded their fiber architecture used by various content providers world wide. Howard’s vast knowledge of various technologies and media strategies, blended with his leadership and visions are valued industry wide.”Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Bob Decker, VP, Wiltel “I worked with Howard at WilTel. He is a results-oriented technologist. I always had a great working relationship with Howard. He has outstanding industry knowledge.”

Dave Anderson, VP, Operations & Engineering, IDB Communications Group, Inc “My experience with Howard Meiseles started in 1988 when he was with ABC Network in New York. We worked together to implement one of the first broadcast fiber optic links for the Presidential primaries. Over the years, I have always found Howard to be full of knowledge, creativity and great acumen of the transmission industry.”

Ken Fuller, NBC “During Howard's time at Vyvx he worked on the development of the first national video network over fiber. Providing intercity service supporting major network broadcasts.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Howard Gunn “I worked extensively with Howard on the delivery of the digital video infrastructure and end point upgrades that ultimately enabled the first High Definition TV broadcasts in the US. Howard's insights and efforts were also instrumental in the problem resolution phases associated with the deployment of the earliest MPEG digital video servers and High Definition video servers in the world.”