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Manager of Central Switching and Technical Quality Assurance

Managed the entire network and central switching facility with 24 staff represented engineers. 

Designed, built, and tested many high-quality, cost-efficient and easily managed data transmission products including:  Television Captioning for the Hearing Impaired, Network Alert System, Automatic Measurement of Lineups (AMOL), and Test Signal and Systems

Created Satellite Control Systems involving 217 affiliate stations to reduce operating costs and increase the accuracy and ability to control of the network sectionals.

Developed innovative digital transmission systems to replace the traditional analog television system reducing costs by 10% or $100k annually and improving overall quality.

Designated as World Engineer-in-Charge for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games covering 25 events simultaneously across different locations and transmission to 14 worldwide broadcast organizations and 50 international affiliates.

Managed and completed an extensive $15M project of replacing equipment and physically moving the network’s central switching system with no transmission disruptions.
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