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Fresh insight, effective strategies, first-class execution

HMC is a leader in thought, design, and execution. Collaborating with you to define business strategies, and apply tactics, technology and processes to achieve the objectives in these business areas:

Media Asset Management
Digital Television Systems
IT Systems & Infrastructure
Networking Implementations
Web 2.0 Applications and Services

A unique engagement process makes the difference. HMC provides fresh insight and resulting in innovative, business-oriented solutions.

Possessing the core technical competencies and employing sound project management skillsquickly initiate and complete complex projects within budget and stringent deadlines,

Major skills areas include:

Execution and Management
Strategic Analysis
Product Development
Business Development

A creative visionary company applying new and emerging technological applications to design and build “first-of-its kind” products.

Nominated for the 2002 Individual World Technology Awards - Entertainment category.


Career Opportunities


Current Engagements
BT Media and Broadcast Development of Media Network Service Concepts
National TeleConsultants Inc. Collaboration on Various File Based Video Projects
Globecomm Systems Inc. Collaborative Distribution System Development
Iconix Video Product Development
GlobeCast America Business Technology Planning
Velocity10x Product Development
NPR(r) (National Public Radio) Technical Audit

Distribution System Program Executive Management

New Product Development

Deluxe Laboratories Business Technology Planning
P2PCash Business Planning, Operations and Technology Assessment

Manage Financial Software Development

Program Management

Waihona Post Production Business Planning, Strategy and Development
Revelation Partners Business Planning
AZ-Ventures Business Development and Strategy
IDC Business Development

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