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NPR Press Release


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Jim O'Brien, Sr. VP Sales/Marketing, Building4Media. “Howard is one of the industry's premier technologists over the past couple decades. I, along with so many others in the industry, have seen Howard admirably pioneering technology solutions to the TV industry's problems. He's been exceptionally resourceful in each of the companies he's served and if you look over the many years of accomplishment, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone of the industry who has made a more exceptional impact on how our industry has progressed. I would recommend Howard in the highest terms. He's oen of the best this industry has seen. Please feel welcome to reach me for personal recommendation of Howard. Jim O'Brien, President, Building4Media 1 818 292 1489”

Mark Chasan, Co-Founder & Chairman, ShareComm, Inc. “Howard is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced person who not only brings a great deal of technical know-how, but also creativity and business experience. In my experience with Howard, he demonstrated that he is man of integrity, intelligence and dedication to quality.”

Bob Wilson, Chairman & CEO, Modulus Video Inc. “I have worked on several projects with Howard over the past 15+ years. I have always found him to be a good partner. He always helps us stretch to get technology to perform at a higher level. He as a result gets a better system and value than most for his invested resource. He is one of the most skilled video professionals in our industry!”

David Brown, Enterprise Architect, Siemens Business Services, Media “Howard is one of the most passionate and energy driven individuals I have seen when it comes to driving Enterprise initiatives within the broadcast environment. We worked together on a major platform transition for a national broadcaster, Howard was the key figure in the Program Management office and was instrumental in guiding the client's executive and project teams toward a timely and very successful transition on this major project.”

Tom Meredith, Owner, P2P Cash “Howard is a rare example of a bottom line oriented technologist. He is gifted in explaining difficult concepts succinctly in simple terms, while being able to keep in mind all the moving parts of a project. I highly recommend working with him in any capacity”

Jonathan Feldman, Sr. Vice President, Business Development, GlobeCast America “Howard, through his business and technical knowledge, always brings a fresh perspective to planning as well as problem resolution. He has the ability to break complex projects down to their basics and develop an appropriate plan to achieve the desired end result. He is very straight forward and works well with others at all levels of an organization. I have found Howard to be very creative in his thinking and one who actually enjoys thinking and working “outside-of-the-box”.

Erling Hedkvist, National Account Manager, Net Insight “I worked with Howard during the implementation of the North American DTM network which involved designing, acquiring, pre-staging and installing equipment at numerous sites all over North America. It was evident during this process that Howard was very experienced in dealing with large projects. We had great communication and any issues were calmly but quickly and resolutely solved in order for the project to be completed on time. Howard is easy to work with and I look forward to working with him on other projects.”

Edward Grasing (client) Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative “Howard is an excellent listener, which in the recruiting business is something I look for as a trait in any senior management candidate we meet. I was so impressed with his deameanor and creative way of looking at business situations, that I had him come in and work with us on "finding our voice" and broadcasting a more direct message. I would recommend Howard to most anyone that wants an unbiased management level resource that can perform.”

Nancy Dimaio (client) Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative “We engaged Howard for multiple projects in our division over two years. We found him to be a great resource to the leadership and to the tactical teams. Howard doesn’t take “it can’t be done” for an answer and brings a refreshing perspective to business and technical problems. With his leadership, the teams pushed through many an obstacle - whether it was a technical, business or operational roadblock.”