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David Feldman, Director, Technical Systems, Globecast. “Howard is a big picture thinker and brings his many years of experience and expertise to the table. He is collaborative and easy to work with, and never hesitates to share his knowledge.”

Anthony Magliocco, Director of Sales and Marketing, Controlware Communications Systems “Howard’s technical expertise and leadership skills are valuable assets to the Globecast organization. His clear thinking and creativity are evident with each and every project Howard has tackled. It is a pleasure to work with Howard.”

Rich Wolf, SVP Telecommunications & Network Origination Services, ABC TV Network “I have known Howard for over 25 years, first as a colleague at ABC Broadcast Operations & Engineering and The Walt Disney Company and as Howard migrated to companies that have provided technology and operational solutions in the “Media Services “space.” Howard is – just that – a technology leader and blends practical business strengths with his vast knowledge in technology to implement solutions that the industry requires and work!

Jonathan Feldman, Sr. Vice President, Business Development, GlobeCast America “Howard, through his business and technical knowledge, always brings a fresh perspective to planning as well as problem resolution. He has the ability to break complex projects down to their basics and develop an appropriate plan to achieve the desired end result. He is very straight forward and works well with others at all levels of an organization. I have found Howard to be very creative in his thinking and one who actually enjoys thinking and working “outside-of-the-box”.

Gil Hanna, Director of Engineering, Technology Development/Sales Support, GlobeCast America “Howard is a great person to work with, effectively managing the department and understanding the needs of his employees and the company. He excels at budget management and price negotiation with vendors, always seeking the best service for the lowest cost possible. Howard's techical knowledge and understanding is rarely equaled in our industry, and he is someone you can go to for answers to detailed techical questions. He would be a valuable addition to any management team.”

Roger Kleckner, SVP, Strategic Business Dev, ScheduALL “I had the pleasure of working with Howard on a project for Globecast NA. I was impressed by his leadership and ability to bring structure to a very difficult project. Howard was clear thinking, able to juggle the needs of all concerned parties, and keep his focus clearly on achieving the desired results. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Erling Hedkvist, National Account Manager, Net Insight “I worked with Howard during the implementation of the North American DTM network which involved designing, acquiring, pre-staging and installing equipment at numerous sites all over North America. It was evident during this process that Howard was very experienced in dealing with large projects. We had great communication and any issues were calmly but quickly and resolutely solved in order for the project to be completed on time. Howard is easy to work with and I look forward to working with him on other projects.”

Thomas Cameron, VP of Sales - Americas. “Howard is a "Man with a Plan!" He came to Globecast in 2006 with a "vision" and within a few short months designed and implemented a global DTM network which improved interoperability and flexibility among GlobeCast's Global Business Units while significantly decreasing cost!”